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Moroccan Oil, Argan Oil … Whatever

I have been fortunate for most of my life to have super-shiny hair without much effort.  I use few chemicals; most of them are gentle.  I condition regularly.  As a teenager I went through a phase of real eggs, from … Continue reading

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Fenix E21, the Best 21st Century LED Flashlight

What do you need flashlights for? Camping, looking in small spaces, seeing in the car at night, going out in the dark, living through power blackouts – when you need them, you really need them. Or do you? Is the … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Crane Suzu Bicycle Bell

While riding a tandem bicycle on a multi-use path, the ability to announce your presence is absolutely essential. Tandems are big, relatively heavy, hard to maneuver and fast, so a polite “On your left!” as you’re about to pass someone … Continue reading

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Feather Popular DE Razor … Try Wet Shaving for Under $20

The Feather Popular razor is made in Japan by the surgical steel company that makes Feather blades – the sharpest in the world. “Razor sharp” obviously only begins to describe them. I’ve been using them in my German Merkur DE … Continue reading

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Monoprice 8320s – Very Affordable Headphones

The Monoprice 8320 Bass Enhanced headphones have become very well known on the Internet over the last year or so for their remarkably low price and good sound. The low price, $8.40 with free shipping to be exact, created a demand for … Continue reading

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European Toothpaste: Botot or Elgydium, Anyone?

I’ve posted before about toothpaste as luxury item. GoSmile from Sephora, the morning and evening whitening toothpaste as an alternative to the same old boring Crest and Colgate varieties that fill the shelves at your local market or big drugstore. … Continue reading

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