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Hose Quick Connectors Are So Much Easier (and More Fun)

Hose quick connectors just might be something you’ve never seen. I did not know about them, and when I found out about them, got some, and tried them out, it was almost life-changing … It’s finally summer, and we’ve gone … Continue reading

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A Mallory Snow Brush, and You’ll Be Ready

If you don’t have a Mallory snow brush (or any snow brush) after it snows, that’s just too bad. You can’t drive to the local auto parts store right then and pick one up without brushing the snow off your … Continue reading

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Closet Auger Saves the Cost of One Plumber Visit

We try not to think about clogged toilets, an unpleasant subject, until it happens to us. I don’t know why plungers became the default household tool for unclogging toilets, because they don’t work 100% of the time. Closet augers do, … Continue reading

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Progressive Bifocals Let You See Everything

I can see very well — according to my eye doctor, well enough to get a private pilot’s license in all fifty states. However, after a certain age, I needed reading glasses from the dollar store. A handy pair of … Continue reading

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Make A Newspaper Log for Your Fireplace – for Free

We carry things into the house, and we carry them out again. For instance, if we don’t have room (Yard? Shed? Large deck?) to store a cord or so of wood, and we have a fireplace, we might have to … Continue reading

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How To Stay Plugged In After the Big Storm

You knew it was coming – you went to the store to get necessary food and batteries, and you saw everyone else there, too. Then the storm came, and you hoped you’d get lucky this time, but you didn’t. The … Continue reading

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The Pumpkin Gutter Takes the Yuk Out of Pumpkins

I used to look forward to carving pumpkins the week before Halloween (and I still do), but from year to year I always forgot how much I did not enjoy scooping out the cold, slimy, seedy, stringy insides. The scooping … Continue reading

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Fenix Bike Mount – More Fun With Your Flashlight

Ever since I got my new flashlight, I’ve been looking for chances to use it. I haven’t gotten lucky enough to have a power blackout, have my car break down or lose anything important in the dark, so I thought … Continue reading

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Fenix E21, the Best 21st Century LED Flashlight

What do you need flashlights for? Camping, looking in small spaces, seeing in the car at night, going out in the dark, living through power blackouts – when you need them, you really need them. Or do you? Is the … Continue reading

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Schroeder Hand Drill Is A Great Little Hand Tool

All about why the Schroeder hand drill is a great tool for woodworking, when it’s used and about the two models available. Continue reading

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