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Quitting Facebook the Right Way

Are you thinking about quitting Facebook? Of course, it’s very easy: just don’t ever look at it again. I’ll get back to that later. The very first thing to do is make sure that quitting Facebook is what you want to … Continue reading

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The Steampunk Rain Barrel

Not so much the steampunk rain barrel, it’s the rain barrel itself that is the affordable luxury. Free water for your yard, your houseplants, cleaning and/or your iron with no chlorine. In fact, in some places, like the City of … Continue reading

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Hose Quick Connectors Are So Much Easier (and More Fun)

Hose quick connectors just might be something you’ve never seen. I did not know about them, and when I found out about them, got some, and tried them out, it was almost life-changing … It’s finally summer, and we’ve gone … Continue reading

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Spray Detailer – Have Your Car Look Just Washed Every Day

You get your car washed and waxed, or you spend time doing it yourself. It looks shiny and like new – until it starts to get smudged, or the worst thing: ugly, caustic bird droppings. Could be that an otherwise … Continue reading

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WAZE Is the Best GPS App (and It’s Free)

Full disclosure – I want you to start using the Waze app on your phone while you’re driving to get directions, because maybe someday I’ll be on the highway a little distance behind you and you’ll be adding to the … Continue reading

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A Mallory Snow Brush, and You’ll Be Ready

If you don’t have a Mallory snow brush (or any snow brush) after it snows, that’s just too bad. You can’t drive to the local auto parts store right then and pick one up without brushing the snow off your … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Luxury

Here’s a repost from two years ago: Ten Best Examples of Thanksgiving Luxury I live in the Northeastern United States for a reason:  I love the seasons (and I’m holding onto them as long as climate change will let me).  I especially … Continue reading

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Anco Winter Wiper Blades Will Help You Through Winter Storms

One thing I knew my winter beater needed was the best winter wiper blades – Anco winter wiper blades. I love to drive my vintage Mercedes convertible in warm weather, but in the winter, it’s a bad idea. Snow, salt … Continue reading

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Meyer Lemons Will Keep Some Summer Inside

The days are getting shorter and colder in a lot of places (North America, Europe, etc.), so could it be time to grow  a Meyer lemon tree in your home? OK, maybe you hadn’t thought of that, but every time … Continue reading

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LastPass Remembers Passwords So You Don’t Have To

Pick a password that’s impossible to remember, but don’t write it down. Say what? And use a different, impossible to remember password for every site. There’s no way. So what happens? If you’re like I was, you use the same … Continue reading

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