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Thanksgiving Luxury

Here’s a repost from two years ago: Ten Best Examples of Thanksgiving Luxury I live in the Northeastern United States for a reason:  I love the seasons (and I’m holding onto them as long as climate change will let me).  I especially … Continue reading

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Meyer Lemons Will Keep Some Summer Inside

The days are getting shorter and colder in a lot of places (North America, Europe, etc.), so could it be time to grow  a Meyer lemon tree in your home? OK, maybe you hadn’t thought of that, but every time … Continue reading

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The Luki Huber Cooking Bag … Is the Forever Ziploc Bag

Ziploc sandwich bags are such a great invention for keeping food fresh. We’ve been packing sandwiches, salads, cookies and everything else in them for nearly half a century, and it’s getting tough to remember a modern world without them. I … Continue reading

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Xylitol Gum … What Would 4 Out of 5 Dentists Say Now?

Stay away from eating too much fat, it will make you fat. No, stay away from eating too many carbs, they will make you fat. Drinking some alcohol is good for you. No, drinking any alcohol is bad for you. One … Continue reading

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2012 – Thanksgiving “Luxury” Revisited

Here it is, one year after the original “Luxurious” Thanksgiving post, so we have the opportunity to revisit the list of things about Thanksgiving that we here at AL especially love. It’s a holiday devoted to thinking about what you’re thankful for, … Continue reading

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Fry Your Thanksgiving Turkey Indoors Or Out

The idea of frying Thanksgiving turkeys is gratifying on so many levels: holiday revelry, fried food and the dramatic possibility of fire or explosion, just for starters. Like fireworks, only legal everywhere and you can eat them. Really, if frying … Continue reading

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Fresh Apple Cider, Hot Cider, Mulled Cider … Yum!

Apple cider is the price we pay, such as it is, for the mountains of perfect apples in the produce section. The apples that may not be so good to look at can be pressed into the extremely fresh apple cider … Continue reading

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Soehnle Scale Brings Precision to the Kitchen

What’s more frustrating that not being able to find the right measuring spoon right away? You give up, and either eyeball half of the one twice as big, or use one too small and have to dump it in and … Continue reading

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The Cuisinart Stick Blender Will Blend In Place and Rinse Right Off

The Cuisinart Stick Blender looks nothing like traditional blender that sits on the counter and makes milkshakes and margaritas, but it mostly does the same job. It is better in many respects. It takes up much less counter space, it … Continue reading

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Ten Most “Luxurious” Things About Christmas

The best things about Christmas are food, presents, lights, music, parties, holiday movies and the Christmas spirit. Continue reading

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