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The Bugzooka Will Capture Stinkbugs One At a Time … and That’s Fine

The Bugzooka is the most efficient way to eliminate stinkbugs and other insect pests in the house. Continue reading

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A Burr Coffee Grinder Is As Good As The Experts Say

Burr coffee grinders will make the ground beans exactly the right size every time you use them. Continue reading

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Ten Most “Luxurious” Things About Christmas

The best things about Christmas are food, presents, lights, music, parties, holiday movies and the Christmas spirit. Continue reading

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Is Expensive Lingerie Worth It?

Lingerie from France and Italy is well worth the price premium over other kinds. Continue reading

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An Electric Shoe Polisher Will Make You Feel Like Don Draper At the Waldorf

A vintage Dremel shoe polisher (or a new Beck one) adds a luxurious touch to the home, giving the effect of a fine four star hotel (and buffs your shoes). Continue reading

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The iRobot Roomba Is the Vacuum Cleaner for the 21st Century

Here’s the problem for me: how to keep the kitchen floor and the bathroom floor clean every day. The kitchen floor collects crumbs and the stuff that just ends up as a result of the time we spend there (which … Continue reading

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SmartMouth Mouthwash Is 12 Times Better Than Any Other Kind … Really

I don’t think bad breath is as prevalent as the big consumer products corporations would have us believe, but Daisy does.  In fact, Daisy doesn’t think enough people remember those “morning breath:  the worst breath of the day” commercials from … Continue reading

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Go Smile Toothpaste Will Brighten Your Morning, Evening … and Teeth

You go to buy toothpaste, and you see vast aisles of toothpaste in the supermarket, Target or giant drugstore, but you don’t really want any of them. Crest, Colgate, Tom’s and Rembrandt with every mathematical combination of features – why … Continue reading

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Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Feeds the Birds … Just the Birds

It may still be unseasonably balmy in much of North America, without too much snow on the ground yet, but it’s nearly winter as far as wild birds are concerned. It’s nowhere near too soon to start feeding them. It … Continue reading

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