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The Cuisinart Stick Blender Will Blend In Place and Rinse Right Off

The Cuisinart Stick Blender looks nothing like traditional blender that sits on the counter and makes milkshakes and margaritas, but it mostly does the same job. It is better in many respects. It takes up much less counter space, it … Continue reading

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The Rain Shower Head Pours Water the Way Nature Intended

In Costa Rica last year, we got lucky when we learned a friend of a friend had a high-rise luxury condo that was sitting empty the week we were there. It was fabulous in every way: a breathtaking view of … Continue reading

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Kuhn Rikon Spill Stop Made In Europe For Your Pots

The Kuhn Rikon Spill Stop is imported from Europe, and it does a great job of preventing pots from boiling over on the stove. Continue reading

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Tire Shine Is Like Armor All For Dull Tires

Tire shine makes cars look brand-new, and have evolved over the years from Armor All to the rainproof tire wet gel applied to today’s skinny sidewalls. Continue reading

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Schroeder Hand Drill Is A Great Little Hand Tool

All about why the Schroeder hand drill is a great tool for woodworking, when it’s used and about the two models available. Continue reading

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