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Spotify Brings You Almost Any CD, Ever

Back in more primitive times (say, before July 2011 in the U.S.), if you wanted to hear a song right then, you had a few choices, none of them very good. You could call up one of your local FM … Continue reading

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Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 is #1 for the Best Winter Lip Maintenance

That chill in the air means it’s time to snuggle.  Yay, snuggling. Hot cocoa, warm sweaters, crunchy leaves, watching football on the couch, all while huddled up with Honey.  Of course you’ll want your lips to be kissably soft for … Continue reading

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LEGO Is the Toy for All Occasions

As I  write a post about Lego (not Legos), I start to hear the long-ago voice of my seventh grade English teacher, Miss White, warning me not to pick such a broad topic. I would always think it would be … Continue reading

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Hunter Wellington Boots Actually Keep Your Feet Dry

Hunter Wellington boots are stylish and you can really wear them in the wet and they will well and truly keep your feet dry. The Queen of England wears them, but you can afford them, too. Continue reading

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Bic Metal Razor Is Perfect For Your Carry-On Bag

If you are going to fly somewhere and stay there for a while, you will need something like the Bic Metal disposable razor. We love our vintage Gillette razors and our incredibly sharp Japanese Feather double-edged blades, but when we … Continue reading

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