Bic Metal Razor Is Perfect For Your Carry-On Bag

If you are going to fly somewhere and stay there for a while, you will need something like the Bic Metal disposable razor. We love our vintage Gillette razors and our incredibly sharp Japanese Feather double-edged blades, but when we go on trips, we have to bear in mind that the TSA employees don’t share that warm feeling for cold steel. Bic Sensitive with Bic Metal Razor

The blades will come right out of your carry-on bag, and what’s the use of a razor with no blades? Don’t even try it. Leave the Gillette or the Merkur safely at home, and bring a nice safe disposable or two instead. I’m not usually a fan of throwaway plastic items that will end up clogging landfills for eternity, but we’ll have to make an exception for these.

Bic Metal Razor and Sensitive Blade EndsUnfortunately, Bic doesn’t distribute the Metal razor in North America much anymore. So unless you just happen to see them in a store, you have to order them online here, directly from Bic. They are a bargain at two bucks for a five-pack, so order more than one and combine the shipping. Why are the Bic Metal Razors worth the hassle over the orange ones that you can get anywhere? Glad you asked. The handle is longer and round, so you can spin it those few degrees to get just the right angle, and the narrower blade end is easier to maneuver. The blade is stainless steel and the blade guard is as well. They are higher quality, more aggressive razors and are much more fun to use. I also admire the design and the classic black and white color scheme. If you are going to have cheap disposable razors with you on vacation or a business trip, it is best to have ones that are easy on the eyes. I ordered fifteen, so we should have enough for quite a few trips.

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