The Corby Pants Press Will Free You From Ironing and Dry Cleaning Bills

Why do you need a Corby Pants Press? Just as washing your car makes it more likely to rain, wearing a recently dry cleaned suit will, too. Those of us who must include some walking in their daily commute will find that the smallest sprinkle (sometimes even high humidity) will make the fresh crease disappear without a trace forever (or at least until the next dry cleaning). You can, of course, plug in your trusty Rowenta iron and iron in a new crease, but it’s a lot like work. Set up the ironing board, find a pressing cloth to put in between so the pants don’t get too shiny, iron through the pressing cloth so you can’t really see what you’re doing, then hang the pants up for next time. You should do it right away so you don’t leave them lying around in their messy wrinkled state. The Corby Pants Press is so much easier and it does a better job. Just open the front, slide the pants all the way down until they hit the bottom and then close it. It’s designed so that the bottom edge will grab the cuffs of the pants and stretch them a little to start getting the wrinkles out. Turn the timer knob until it stops and you’re done. It shuts off after a half hour, but you get better results if you leave them in for a while, like overnight. I’ve had one for a long time, ever since I saw a trouser press in a hotel in England and wanted to have one in my room at home. So long, in fact, that the round timer switch eventually gave up. The press still worked, and I didn’t want to shell out $250 for a new one, so I ultimately got an appliance repairman to just wire in a generic 30-minute wall timer. Works perfectly, and and almost fits in the same space as the original one.

You, too, can have the high-end European hotel look, and freedom from ironing.

Affordability: 5                  Luxury: 9

Available from Amazon or order exactly what you want from the Corby of Windsor Web site

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