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Do You Need An Electric Train Around The Christmas Tree?

Toy electric trains have long been connected with the Christmas holidays. Trains symbolize people traveling to get together with family and friends, and miniature electric trains are reminders of that. They are an attractive, animated decoration. Continue reading

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Ten Most “Luxurious” Things About Thanksgiving

I live in the Northeastern United States for a reason:  I love the seasons (and I’m holding onto them as long as climate change will let me).  I especially love autumn, though — the colorful leaves, the comfort food, the … Continue reading

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Ten Wooden Toys That Children Will Love to Get

Wooden toys are the best kind: long-lasting and durable, with the handmade look of real elf quality. Here are ten classics, for children of all ages. Continue reading

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Gill Tube-Wringer Gets Every Last Molecule of Toothpaste

The Gill Tube-Wringer #401 is designed for heavy-duty use; it’s not necessarily supposed to be for toothpaste. When I saw it, I immediately wanted one for its serious industrial look and its Made in America status.  Squeezing out the toothpaste is … Continue reading

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Palomino Blackwing 602 Is Closer to the Original Blackwing

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted about the revival of Eberhard Faber’s classic Blackwing 602 pencil by California Cedar Products, who had started making the Palomino Blackwing. It was a quality pencil, with the timeless design and unique replaceable … Continue reading

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2009 Beaujolais Cru Is NOT Beaujolais Nouveau … It’s WAY Better

I admit it – I was in Europe in November back in the late ’80s and I got all caught up in the Beaujolais Nouveau hype. It seemed important and festive to be among the first to try the newest … Continue reading

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Bogue Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Does a Professional Job and Costs About $25

It started to look like we had an awful lot of jewelry that needed cleaning, and glasses; real glasses, cheap reading glasses and cheap sunglasses. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners seem to be so cheap online (and get such good buyer reviews) … Continue reading

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Logitech Squeezebox Radio Is THE 21st Century Clock Radio

Once upon a time, way back in the prehistoric days of the 20th century, the recently discontinued Sony Dream Machine was the alarm clock/radio for the quality-obsessed. It offered fairly good sound for a clock radio, it allowed you to … Continue reading

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