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If You Get A Quality Umbrella, You Won’t Leave It Behind

As I write this, eastern North America is bracing for a wallop from yet another hurricane with a girl’s name that is tearing up the coast, having somehow gone rogue and escaped from her natural home in the Caribbean. So rain … Continue reading

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The Pumpkin Gutter Takes the Yuk Out of Pumpkins

I used to look forward to carving pumpkins the week before Halloween (and I still do), but from year to year I always forgot how much I did not enjoy scooping out the cold, slimy, seedy, stringy insides. The scooping … Continue reading

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Ten Most “Luxurious” Things About Halloween

I’ve thought for a long time that “the holidays” are what helps us North Americans (and others in the Northern Hemisphere) fight back against Seasonal Affective Disorder – the holiday lights keep us from getting depressed after the summer sunshine is … Continue reading

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Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Shirts Free You from the Dry Cleaners

Let me be clear: I like to wear freshly-pressed clothes, I like to iron a little and I love my iron: the German-made Rowenta DW 8080 from my previous post. However, what I don’t like having to do every week … Continue reading

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Older Luxury Cars for the Not So Rich

Older luxury cars lose most of their value in the first five years. You can get a clean, well-maintained luxury car for about the price of a new economy car and sell it for about the same price. The time you spend driving it in between is where the fun comes in. Continue reading

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Comply Tx Foam Earbud Tips – Ear Luxury!

If you’ve listened to great recorded audio, you won’t have forgotten it. Hearing all the instruments, the vocals, the fingers sliding on the strings, the drum and bass lines the way they were meant to sound – I can’t describe … Continue reading

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Clarisonic Face Scrubber Is the Electric Toothbrush for Your Skin

After a lifetime of youthful looks and clear skin, you look in the mirror and realize something isn’t quite right.  You’re not as young as you were.  Those days spent in the sun at the ocean’s edge have taken their … Continue reading

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Fenix Bike Mount – More Fun With Your Flashlight

Ever since I got my new flashlight, I’ve been looking for chances to use it. I haven’t gotten lucky enough to have a power blackout, have my car break down or lose anything important in the dark, so I thought … Continue reading

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Soehnle Scale Brings Precision to the Kitchen

What’s more frustrating that not being able to find the right measuring spoon right away? You give up, and either eyeball half of the one twice as big, or use one too small and have to dump it in and … Continue reading

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