Fenix Bike Mount – More Fun With Your Flashlight

Ever since I got my new flashlight, I’ve been looking for chances to use it. I haven’t gotten lucky enough to have a power blackout, have my car break down or lose anything important in the dark, so I thought I could try putting it on bicycle handlebars. I already have an LED headlight with a generator mounted on my old Raleigh, so I appreciate having a dedicated bike light, but there’s something to be said for the temporary setup on a bike you don’t ride regularly at night. The Fenix people are hoping you think it’s a good idea, so you get one of their dedicated bike mounts.

Fenix Bicycle Flashlight Mount

Obviously, it’s the right size for my new Fenix and fits lots of other flashlights with the same basic form factor. It is made of high-quality, UV-resistant plastic and can be installed with just your fingers.   The “just your fingers'” part is important, because you can lock the bike up and take the flashlight along with you anywhere. When riding with the light on the mount, you have total control in the x and y direction. The bottom part, clamped to the handlebars, can be be rotated up and down. You get it pretty close when you first mount it, then use the leverage from the long light to tilt it up or down when you take a test ride. Once you have it where you want it (depending on how fast you want to ride and how bright the street lights are), you can make it as tight as you want. Side to side, that’s much easier. The mount is designed to let you move it laterally with a click or two, no matter how tight the flashlight is. You can adjust that while you’re riding.

All in all, it’s a great way to use a 21st century flashlight.


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