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Frank Muller’s Voice Lives On In Audiobooks

I can honestly say my life has been enriched by listening to the late Frank Muller’s voice on audiobooks he has narrated. If you have never heard him, you really should try giving him a listen. Some of my favorites … Continue reading

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Museum Memberships Make You Feel Like You Own the Place

It’s safe to say that you will never be able to afford a garden like Pierre du Pont established at Longwood, or an art collection like the one amassed by Dr. Albert Barnes. That’s mostly because these days, nobody really … Continue reading

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2012 – Thanksgiving “Luxury” Revisited

Here it is, one year after the original “Luxurious” Thanksgiving post, so we have the opportunity to revisit the list of things about Thanksgiving that we here at AL especially love. It’s a holiday devoted to thinking about what you’re thankful for, … Continue reading

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Fry Your Thanksgiving Turkey Indoors Or Out

The idea of frying Thanksgiving turkeys is gratifying on so many levels: holiday revelry, fried food and the dramatic possibility of fire or explosion, just for starters. Like fireworks, only legal everywhere and you can eat them. Really, if frying … Continue reading

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Fatwood Firestarters Make Fires Easy to Light

It’s cold out, and now it’s time to put the fireplace back into service – move the Boston fern out of the way, or take the candles out – but maybe you forgot what a hassle they can be to … Continue reading

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IPad With Keyboard … Is It Still a Tablet?

I know, I know – a tablet is a portable computer without a keyboard. If you wanted a laptop, say the skeptics, why didn’t you just buy a laptop? Well, because I didn’t want another laptop. I wanted an iPad … Continue reading

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Fresh Apple Cider, Hot Cider, Mulled Cider … Yum!

Apple cider is the price we pay, such as it is, for the mountains of perfect apples in the produce section. The apples that may not be so good to look at can be pressed into the extremely fresh apple cider … Continue reading

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Suspension Trainers Can Help Get Less of You Through the Holidays

Suspension trainers are deceptively simple products: a set of two adjustable nylon straps with anchors, handles and loops for your feet. Hang them over a sturdy door, close the door, and then what? By changing the length of the straps, … Continue reading

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How To Stay Plugged In After the Big Storm

You knew it was coming – you went to the store to get necessary food and batteries, and you saw everyone else there, too. Then the storm came, and you hoped you’d get lucky this time, but you didn’t. The … Continue reading

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