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Panasonic AG1980P Professional VCR

There are still a lot of movies on VCR around: in people’s closets, yard sales, public library sales and many other places. You might be old enough to still have some that you bought or had given to you. Hammacher … Continue reading

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LaCrosse BC1000 Battery Charger

There is nothing good to say about disposable batteries. They are manufactured to be used one time, they run down and finally die and get thrown away to help fill up landfills. When you need fresh batteries for new toys … Continue reading

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Aura Pro Bass Shaker

No matter how big your television is or how good your Dolby surround system is for watching movies at home, the theater experience is better and more immersive in every way. However, you can attain a whole level of realism … Continue reading

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Feather DE Blades

If you have tried wet shaving, with very hot water, a shaving brush, shaving soap or cream and a double edge razor straight from the 1960s, then you might agree with me that it makesĀ the morning shave a much more … Continue reading

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Vintage Audio Turntables

Turntables are one of those things that seem too good to throw out, especially if there are a lot of favorite vinyl records around from the same era. It seems that everyone who went away to school in the 60s, … Continue reading

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Amtrak Trains

I live in Philadelphia and sometimes need to go to New York or Harrisburg, the state capital. Although I always enjoyed driving on the Interstate highways of the Eisenhower era, I decided to try taking the train instead. Between gas, … Continue reading

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Merkur HD 38 Safety Razor

Wet shaving is the perfect example of affordable luxury. Even if you haven’t tried it, you owe it to yourself to see what it’s like to shave with very hot water, a brush, great-smelling shaving cream and a single blade … Continue reading

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Mont Blanc Pilot Pen

For those who like the feel of writing with rollerballs, you don’t have to buy a $300 Mont Blanc rollerball pen to write with MB ink and an MB roller. Several years ago, someone found out that Mont Blanc rollerball … Continue reading

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Kikkerland Wind-Up Toys

The Kikkerland windup toys, designed by Brazilian artist Chico Bicalho, are inexpensive works of art and playthings that appeal to everyone, children and adults alike. You will love watching and they’re hard to break. Continue reading

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Raleigh 3 Speed Bicycle

If you want an inexpensive bicycle as daily transportation, and there are not a lot of hills where you live, you can’t beat the old Raleigh 3 speeds. Made of Britain’s finest steel in Nottingham, EnglandĀ for over half a century, … Continue reading

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