Aura Pro Bass Shaker

No matter how big your television is or how good your Dolby surround system is for watching movies at home, the theater experience is better and more immersive in every way. However, you can attain a whole level of realism that is more like Disneyland than your regular downtown multiplex just by screwing a pair of inexpensive Aura Pro Bass Shakers to a solid piece of wood attached to the frame of your favorite sofa. You can really feel the vibrations from explosions and other dramatic events in movies without having the soundtrack or the subwoofer turned up uncomfortably loud. Your guests will be literally blown away when they experience it for the first time without realizing how it works. A low setting will go a long way to adding to the realism without seeming too noticeable. You will need an extra amplifier, nothing fancy, but the wiring connections to the subwoofer are very simple. All in all, a lot of fun for all.

Affordability: 8                   Luxury: 9

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Want more luxury? The Clark Synthesis Platinum Transducer gives you higher quality and much more power; you can rock the whole room.

Affordability: 3                   Luxury: 9

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