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Halloween Luxury

Here’s a repost from two years ago: Ten Most “Luxurious” Things About Halloween I’ve thought for a long time that “the holidays” are what helps us North Americans (and others in the Northern Hemisphere) fight back against Seasonal Affective Disorder – … Continue reading

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Meyer Lemons Will Keep Some Summer Inside

The days are getting shorter and colder in a lot of places (North America, Europe, etc.), so could it be time to grow  a Meyer lemon tree in your home? OK, maybe you hadn’t thought of that, but every time … Continue reading

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LastPass Remembers Passwords So You Don’t Have To

Pick a password that’s impossible to remember, but don’t write it down. Say what? And use a different, impossible to remember password for every site. There’s no way. So what happens? If you’re like I was, you use the same … Continue reading

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Strike Anywhere Matches for Lighting Candles

First things first – keep Strike Anywhere Matches away from children! They are fun to play with, but they are not a toy. Only adults should be able to reach them. Now that’s out of the way, back to how … Continue reading

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