How To Stay Plugged In After the Big Storm

You knew it was coming – you went to the store to get necessary food and batteries, and you saw everyone else there, too. Then the storm came, and you hoped you’d get lucky this time, but you didn’t. The TV and the lights went off, and there you were – back in 1912. It’s dark, it’s cold, the phone’s dying, the food in the refrigerator is starting to go bad, and worst of all, you have no idea whether the power will be back on in 7 hours or 7 days. You don’t feel like packing up and staying with family or friends (and maybe you didn’t hear anyone invite you). You can’t let this happen again. You don’t have to. You just need a way to restore that plugged-in feeling.

AC Inverter for the Car

AC Inverter – These are handy devices that you may never have heard of, if you’re not a limo driver or an RV person. You can take advantage of the fact that your car already has a motor, a gas tank, a 12-volt battery and a way to keep it charged. Connect the AC inverter to your car battery with VERY thick copper wires, plug in a long 3-prong extension cord and you’re back in the 21st century. As a practical matter, you’ll still need to run the motor to charge the battery, but for about 2 or 3 hundred bucks, it’s a clean and easy option. You’ll need at least 1600 watts; 2500 is better. Also, your car has one other key feature: a muffler, so you avoid the racket of a …

Gas Powered Generator

Generator –  Generators are big, expensive, heavy and LOUD, but they are really handy to have in case you lose power for an extended period of time. They are made for the job, with the right circuits and breakers and plugs and switches to do it right. They can power refrigerators, sump pumps, space heaters and lamps – all at the same time. If your neighbors aren’t too close, and you have room to keep it somewhere, they can’t be beat. You never know when civilization may start to break down …

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