SmartMouth Mouthwash Is 12 Times Better Than Any Other Kind … Really

I don’t think bad breath is as prevalent as the big consumer products corporations would have us believe, but Daisy does.  In fact, Daisy doesn’t think enough people remember those “morning breath:  the worst breath of the day” commercials from 30-odd years ago (though her olfactory senses are much sharper than mine, I concede).  Still, whichever one of us is correct, doesn’t everyone like to feel minty-fresh? The least minty-fresh part of the day is the morning, when it has been hours since you last brushed or flossed or rinsed (not 12 hours, but certainly the whole time you’ve slept) — and sometimes the least minty-fresh part of the day is the snuggliest, which can be kind of a problem.  Trouble is, ordinary mouthwash is only good for an hour or so, meaning your minty freshness at 11 PM will be long gone the next morning. Obviously, not long enough to do the job.

SmartMouth 12 hour mouthwash

SmartMouth will keep working past the morning breath time; the 12-hour time frame will mean that the recommended twice-daily rinse will keep you in good shape around the clock.

How it works is a bit complicated. The company Web site has a lot of technical documentation, if you are into that sort of thing, but basically mixing the 2 solutions immediately before use releases “free zinc ions,” which prevent the bad germs from metabolizing protein to make the bad stuff. Does it work? I can say it makes me feel minty-fresh, and the studies have shown that the advertising is truthful. It contains no alcohol, and doesn’t sting at all.  The instructions recommended an extra rinse after consuming, for example, garlic or onions, but even without that prophylactic step, SmartMouth keeps your mouth feeling fresh and clean, and ensures that you do not offend your companions.

Wait, did somebody say something about mixing the 2 solutions? Isn’t that a pain? Is that like using the 2 tubes of epoxy where you have to squeeze out the epoxy and hardener and mix them together? No, it’s really very easy. Just pump out an equal number of squirts (they recommend 4) from each bottle into the little cup, and you’re ready to use it.  How does it taste?  Not bad at all.  It doesn’t have the overpowering mint flavor of a traditional mouthwash, but its less strident mintiness lasts so much longer, you won’t even miss that spearmint burst.  At $12.99 for the two-bottle set, it’s pricier than traditional mouthwash, but unlike traditional mouthwash, it actually keeps your breath fresh all day and night, so the next time someone takes you to task for your smart mouth, you can thank them.

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