Go Smile Toothpaste Will Brighten Your Morning, Evening … and Teeth

You go to buy toothpaste, and you see vast aisles of toothpaste in the supermarket, Target or giant drugstore, but you don’t really want any of them. Crest, Colgate, Tom’s and Rembrandt with every mathematical combination of features – why would you just not want them all? Whitening, enamel-strengthening, breath-freshening, tartar-removing, germ-killing minty Crest (or Colgate). Sounds great, but … yawn. Is there a luxurious toothpaste that you would want to buy just because you liked it?

Outside of Go Smile AM and PM toothpaste box

I think there is: Go Smile, the same Go Smile distributed by Sephora. Here’s why: the toothpaste is the daily maintenance product of the premiere whitening company. Also, they understand that there is a fundamental difference in your state of mind between brushing your teeth in the morning, getting ready to start the day, and at night, getting ready to go to sleep. They offer two recipes of aromatherapy ingredients. Two kinds of toothpaste, one for each purpose.

Start with the morning formula. It’s called “Energy.” It has a mix of lemon, lime, orange and peppermint added to give a subtle hint of aroma and flavor.

A little bit of citrus and mint helps give a stimulating boost to your morning routine. Like any good toothpaste, it has a large dose of whiteners and fluoride to prevent cavities. After all, preventing cavities has always been the #1 thing brushing was supposed to do. The evening relaxing half, “Tranquillity,” has chamomile, lavender, vanilla, valerian root and spearmint to set the mood for getting ready to relax.

Go Smile PM toothpaste tube side view
Both varieties contain hydrated silica. That is the key ingredient that polishes away surface stains to maintain the whiteness. Unfortunately, a set of both will set you back $30, so you have to decide if a small tube of toothpaste is worth 15 bucks. If not, maybe it’s the perfect gift: something your giftee could not afford for themselves.

Affordability: 5                  Luxury: 9

Available from Amazon.

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