The Bugzooka Will Capture Stinkbugs One At a Time … and That’s Fine

There is something about invasive species that’s a little disturbing. They just don’t belong here. There’s always the possibility, however remote, that the brown marmorated stinkbug, imported from Asia, removed from its natural predators and in a new environment, will multiply exponentially, absorb stray radiation and mutate to enormous size …

… or not. They are horrifying enough the way they are now. They’re BUGS, they crawl into the house through the narrowest of cracks, and they emit that SMELL when crushed (hence the name). Last year, there were a lot of them and we were braced for the worst this year, expecting to need light traps that would lure them all to mass suicide. Alas, the traps do not work. The bugs are not smart enough to know they are supposed to be attracted to light. Perhaps if you had a swarm of them in your dark attic, you could catch some in a light trap, but that was not our situation. You just see one now and then, and you don’t want to crush and flush with a tissue and or foul your Dustbuster with stinkbug corpses. What to do?


The Bugzooka is the answer. It looks just like a child’s toy (and is actually fun to use). Squeeze the bellows once to cock it, aim it close to the stinkbug (or spider, or whatever), press the button and your target vanishes into the chamber as the bellows pop back out. It’s easy, because stinkbugs haven’t learned to run or fly away from approaching clear plastic. Once trapped, you can release them humanely outside (or not).

While the Bugzooka may not seem a sufficiently comprehensive solution — killing them one at a time, after all, can seem so tedious — it really is perfect. If you’re fortunate enough not to have an infestation, but just unfortunate enough to see the occasional insect pest, the Bugzooka is a great way to eliminate them. Since there’s no way to prevent them and no way to avoid removing them, dead or alive, the Bugzooka allows you to rid yourself of the problem without any of the unpleasantness of doing so. You won’t have to get closer to them than about 3 feet, you won’t have to smell them at all, you won’t have to chase them around, and the amusement of using it will probably distract you from the aggravation of having to deal with them at all. You might even end up wishing you had more of them to hunt.

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