California Car Duster Keeps Your Car Clean and Saves Water

The California Duster is the perfect way to get dust off the car’s finish.

I love riding in a clean car. Maybe it’s genetic, but if my car needs to be washed, I just worry about when I’ll have the time to get it clean. The cars are garaged most of the time, but they still seem to pick up a thin layer of regular dust and brake dust. Through some quirk of the space/time/matter continuum, Daisy’s car, which is new and shiny black, ends up coated with fine snow white particles; mine, which is vintage (meaning old) and white, gets coated with what looks like jet-black coal dust. Too bad it can’t be the other way around. In any event, the dust looks OK for a while, but a few drops of rain will mix with the dirt and suddenly the cars look filthy and need to be thoroughly rinsed off with fresh water, if you have a layer of good wax, or washed with car wash if you don’t. The California Duster is the perfect way to be proactive, and keep the car looking clean nearly all the time. When the car is recently clean, dry and shiny, just keep an eye on it for a few days until it starts to get a little dusty, then take a few minutes (really, that’s all it takes) and dust it off with the California duster.

You will be gratified at how much better it looks and it will go that much longer between water washes. You can dust your car every day, or just when it needs it, and it will go longer between washes with water and look good the whole time.

It even comes with a case to keep the dust off the inside of your trunk.

Almost sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch? Doesn’t seem to be one: they are relatively cheap and no, they don’t scratch the paint. True hard-core motorheads use them to dust off their Ferraris and Rolls-Royces (or pay other people to do it).

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