Nu-Finish Car Polish Will Make Your Life Easier

 Nu-Finish Car Polish makes being a car owner easier and less stressful. I love to drive a clean car; in the winter, the layers of dirt and salt start to make me cringe after a while. Plus you have to worry about what all that stuff is doing to the paint finish. If the car is more or less freshly waxed, though, then there are no worries and the layer of crud is much easier to just rinse off. Car waxing is hard work, but it builds character: it’s tough to apply, you can only do a small section at a time, it’s difficult to rub off and you can’t do it in the sun. A month or so later, you’ll have to do it all over again. I ultimately concluded it was all a scam. Apply car wax, then wash it with strong detergents until it wears off, then apply it again. Now I use Nu-Finish Car Polish only once a year. It’s a liquid so you can wipe it right on and then rub it right off after it dries. Much easier and you can do it in the sun if you want. When it gets dirty, everything rinses off easily and you don’t need detergent, just a hose or a bucket of water and a big sponge. If you let it dry some and then dry it with a clean towel, it will end up perfectly clean with just as much wax as you started with.

Affordability: 8                   Luxury: 9

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Want more luxury? If you are very motivated, you can follow the directions. Use Nu-Finish Car polish twice, thirty days apart and then use regular wax over that. Exhausting to think about, but your car will look very good for a very long time.

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