Mitchell’s Wool Fat Soap Helps With Winter Dry Skin

I admit it freely – I am at any given moment almost always either too lazy or in too much of a hurry to moisturize when my face gets dry from the central heating in winter (or air conditioning in summer, for that matter). So especially in winter, I appreciate products like wool fat soap that moisturize while you are using them for other things, like shaving. Other factors, like the cool, refreshing menthol of Proraso become more important in warm weather. So when I lather up with Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap, it’s nice to know that it is rich in the natural lanolin that English chemist Fred Mitchell discovered in sheep’s wool in the early 1930s. The same lanolin that kept the hands of farmers and sheepshearers inexplicably soft goes into the 21st century shaving soap that is made according to the exact same formula. No need to mess with success.

Other factors matter, of course. The smell, how well it lathers, how long it lasts in the bowl, how well it protects and lubricates the skin while the razor is sliding dangerously along your throat, how well is softens whiskers – it’s all highly subjective. There are many shaving creams and soaps out there, at varying price points, but the modern aerosol foams and gels in cans (that end up in landfills), that come out cold and are supposed to be spread on your face with your fingers, are my least favorite. Try something that is made to be brushed on your face with a brush dipped in hot water and see if it works for you as well as it works for me. MWF is my cold weather favorite. If you really like it, they offer a whole line of soaps for your body washing pleasure as well.

Affordability: 6                   Luxury: 8

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