Sephora Snag-Free Hair Elastics

I have long hair.  I play tennis.  I practice yoga.  I go to brunch.  I need my hair not to be a mess.  I need . . . a PONYTAIL!   But where, oh where, is that ponytail holder I took off last time . . . ?  Is it in the bottom of my deep, deep pocketbook?  The clutter of my tennis bag?  Underneath my mat in the yoga tote?  No . . . it is not in any of those places.  If only they were more self-contained, less free-floating, I would be able to find them handily.  Thank goodness Sephora has anticipated the active, long-haired girl’s dilemma with its Snag-Free Hair Elastics.  A long, matchbook-style package, slim enough to fit in my pocket (or any of those endless bags), with 8 elastics so I always have an extra, it’s easy to carry and to find when I need to get my tresses out of the way and get on with my life.  They look small — the package is flat and only about 2 inches wide, but each elastic stretches to wrap ’round your hair, and it’s flat and smooth to prevent snagging.  They’re durable, too:  when you take them out of your hair, they snap back almost to their original size for the first few uses, and when they’ve stretched irretrievably you can just slide another one out of the package.  So, for you gentlemen out there, if you want to encourage your girlfriend to be both fit and pretty, and you don’t want her to cut off all that beautiful hair, stuff a few packages of these into her Christmas stocking!  They are a steal at $3.50 per package of 8 at Sephora (cheaper — and almost as thoughtful — as diamonds and furs . . .).  




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