Automoblox Toy Cars

I am very lucky that my child was a boy, because now I can buy toys for myself and tell everyone that they are for him. Certain toys just seem to combine quality, good design and play value that makes them appeal to boy children of all ages (and girls, too, of course) . When I first saw Automoblox toy cars I knew immediately that they would be great to have around and that my son and I would have fun on the floor playing with them. They have only been available since 2005. Automoblox Toy Cars appeal to very young children, who can push them around and not swallow tiny parts. Older children can take them apart and make custom cars out of more than one. The company has a great business plan: the more cars you buy, the more fun you can have taking them apart and recombining them as stretch limos or what have you. They are a bit pricey at $40 each, but the company also makes a full line of Minis that are much smaller but only cost a third as much. A great gift; they even have that handmade by elves look lacking in so many Chinese-made toys.

Affordability: 6 (but I’d give the Minis more like a 9)  Luxury: 8

Available from Amazon or check out the company’s own site.

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