Dual Monitors

With all the time we spend looking at computer screens, it is always a good thing to have as much video real estate as possible to make things easier on the eyes. Compared to a few years ago, LCDs take up much less space, are lighter, clearer and cheaper than the monster CRTs we had back then. So the question becomes: if one LCD monitor is good, then are two twice as good? My answer is that two are MORE than twice as good. It is so much easier to have two things that you are comparing, copying or revising both up on the screen at once; you never have to minimize windows or look around behind them. You can have the extra screen display your email program, Skype, a video or anything else that you want to just keep an eye on. The only way to see how truly useful they can be is to try dual monitors for yourself. In Windows or Linux, you will need a video card with two outputs or two video cards. You already have one, just need one more. Dual monitors are the way to go. Once you have tried them, you’ll be hooked.

Affordability: 5                  Luxury: 9

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