Black and Blum Tape Dispenser

I love office supplies, which is a good thing, since I spend so much of every day surrounded by them. Quality ones are an easy luxury item to justify spending the money for, because you have to buy them anyway. The British Black and Blum tape dispenser weighs a whopping full kilo, 2.2 pounds of heft resisting the one hand you need to cut off a piece of tape (presumably as the other hand holds together the things that need taping). Not only is it good and heavy, but it has a sharp steel blade and an attractive industrial looking design. Beats the heck out of the throwaway plastic ones; and is much better-looking than the usual ugly beige or black “desk” dispensers.

Affordability: 6                    Luxury: 9

Available from Design Within Reach or the Black + Blum Web site

Want more luxury? I don’t know this time if the El Casco tape dispenser, as nice as it is, is all that much nicer …

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