Monoprice 8320s – Very Affordable Headphones

The Monoprice 8320 Bass Enhanced headphones have become very well known on the Internet over the last year or so for their remarkably low price and good sound. The low price, $8.40 with free shipping to be exact, created a demand for the phones among everyone who heard about them. Lots of people ordered them, lots of people tried them … and hardly anyone said anything negative about them. Even the most elite of audio snobs didn’t seem to have the heart to sneer at something so inexpensive and unpretentious. The surprising thing turned out to be that the Monoprice 8320s turned out to be good headphones, not just good for the price.

Monoprice 8320 headphones

The headphones have gold-plated plugs, fabric-covered wires and large 14.2 mm drivers that can’t quite fit into your ear behind the tips; they wait outside in your outer ear and somehow get the solid bass response in where you can hear it just fine. I compared them directly to my Shures to get sense of how good they really are. While they are different, I can’t honestly say the Shures are all that much better or that they let you hear more of the music, for about twenty times as much money.

But here’s the luxurious part: you can leave the expensive audiophile earbuds at home and take the Monoprice headphones on a trip, to the gym, the beach or anywhere you might be concerned about the good ones being lost, stolen or damaged. Great sound and no worries – what more could you want for $8.40? Or maybe you don’t have a pair of high-priced headphones yet, so the Monoprice ones could be the only ones you need. Or even better, two pairs are better than one, so pick up an extra pair and a splitter and you’ll always be able to share the tunes with a friend.

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