A Projector and a Screen Will Give You The Biggest TV On the Block

There have been some outrageously large plasma screen TVs created, but unless you are a Russian oligarch or perhaps a member of an oil rich nation’s royal family, it might be out of your price range. You would also need a very large living room or a dedicated home theater. Fortunately, there is a more economical way to get the same effect. If you tried borrowing or buying a projector as I described in my earlier post, you might have watched movies at night on a white wall, and enjoyed the experience. A screen is a huge improvement over a white wall. The image will be brighter, clearer and have a black frame around it the way it was intended to be viewed. I firmly believe that movies are made to front-projected, just like in real movie theaters, so they look their best with the light coming across the room. Also, since you have to be using an external sound system, hopefully a 5.1 or 7.1 receiver with a subwoofer, the sound is going to be much more realistic than the the two little speakers built into the regular TV. A 100″ diagonal screen is four times the area of a 50″ screen, so the effect is almost overwhelming at first; make sure you sit back far enough. Another important thing is having the room dark: watch at night, or in the cellar, or maybe you can hang the screen in front of a window in the room of your choice and block out the light, just like that. Pull it down, and the room gets dark.

Affordability: 9                  Luxury: 9

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