The Maclaren Volo Umbrella Stroller Is The Most Affordable Maclaren

If you have a child and if you live in a walkable area like a big city or near downtown or the child’s school, you need to make sure to avoid the twin perils of stroller envy or stroller remorse. For me, Anglophile and Formula One fan that I am, I knew I would have to take a hard look at the Maclaren line; they sounded like high-tech British Grand Prix cars. A Maclaren stroller for an infant under six months old can be a bit pricey, but for the larger infant or toddler with head holding up ability, that’s when you can justify the Volo. Here’s how: everybody needs an umbrella stroller to put in the car or wherever, and although you can get one for cheap just about anywhere, a hundred bucks or so gets you a genuine Maclaren. The handles are high and padded for ease of walking, the machine folds up with a press of the toe, it has a handy shoulder strap, the seat cover comes off for ease of cleaning and it has a sturdy five-point harness. It may or may not come with a plastic rain bubble (also good for fighting the wind chill), and Maclaren makes all kinds of other cool accessories that you can check out on their website. The Volo comes in many colors (dark being good for your average messy toddler) and when your child outgrows it you can easily sell on eBay or Craigslist or hand it down to a deserving relative. By the way, if you’re the deserving relative or secondhand buyer, check out the CPSC recall and make sure you get the free hinge cover kit to make it safer.

Affordability: 5                  Luxury: 8

Available from Amazon

Want more luxury? Always easy with baby stuff. Try the bigger Maclaren with carbon fiber and black leather (MSRP only $999.99, but street price a mere $350). Or go for the thoroughly modern Bugaboo Frog. Your child will love you for it – some day …

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