MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolor

Well, the holidays are here, and you girls know what that means:  Hug-hug, kiss-kiss … lip-prints for everyone!  You could save yourself some lipstick dollars and spare your friends (male and female!) the extra blush by finding yourself a lipcolor that won’t smear off, won’t kiss off, won’t even come off on your toothbrush if you finish your makeup before you remember to brush your teeth on your way out the door.  That lip color is MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour. Lip stain at one end, gloss at the other, it is virtually permanent until you bring out the make-up remover, but unlike those early versions of long-wear lipstick, the stain won’t dry your lips to parchment texture. In fact, you’ll probably forget you’re wearing it (it’s still attractive even without the gloss topcoat) until you catch a glimpse of your pretty image in the mirror, lips kissably stained in your favorite shade. Careful, though:  longer-wearing lip color means far fewer trips to the powder room, so you’ll have fewer graceful ways to exit those awkward party conversations … all the better to selectively choose the perfect object of your colorfast holiday affection (who, by the way, could save himself some dry-cleaning bills by dropping a couple of these into your Christmas stocking, thereby guaranteeing more real kisses and fewer disappointing post-lipstick micro-pecks)!
MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolour
In 10 shades, $21 each at MAC Cosmetics Stores and department stores nationwide.

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