Sharpie Stainless Steel Permanent Marker

I have always liked Sharpies. They make laundry markers and felt-tipped pens that are smooth and make a bold statement. Signatures look best with thick lines, and if you need to scan them, they need some definition. The problem, of course, is that the traditional single-use Sharpie would get used up and inevitably end up in the trash on its way to take up landfill space. Nothing luxurious about that, and then you just had to buy a new one. Now three of my favorite things are combined: the Sharpie itself, the stainless steel (think the DeLorean of pens) and less waste. Pick one up for $8 and see how it feels.

Affordability: 9                  Luxury: 8

Available from Amazon

Want more luxury? Well, there are plenty of high end pens around, but only a Sharpie is a Sharpie. If you’re a George W. Bush fan (?), he had White House and Camp David Sharpies made, but I’m not sure where you can still get one …

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