Darda Toy Pullback Cars

When there are small children around, or recently around, toy cars seem to multiply like magic: Matchbox, Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning are all the same size and kids love them. They are all a lot of fun, but not as much fun as Darda cars. Just try running one back and forth to wind up the pullback motor, then let it go and watch it take off like a shot. You’ll be amazed how fast and far they go with the Mega Motor power. Some of them, the Stop’n’Go models, can be cocked by pushing them down after the motor has reached maximum power and then releasing them to take off from a standing start. They are very high quality, the earlier ones were imported from Germany, and the motors are replaceable. There are lots of racetracks and other accessories available for them so the fun never needs to stop. Fun for adults, too.

Affordability: 8                   Luxury: 6

Available from Amazon (lots of different models available)

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