Kikkerland Wind-Up Toys

Who doesn’t love toys? Brazilian Chico Bicalho’s work on many levels: they’re inexpensive and rugged enough to be real children’s toys, yet their whimsical design and lively open clockwork mechanism makes them fascinating to adults. They’re politically correct; Bicalho is committed to funding reforestation projects. Having one on your desk gives you a light-hearted object to admire at rest and an ice-breaker and conversation piece when you take a moment to wind it up and show someone the lifelike way it skitters unpredictably around. They are all equally affordable and each one has its own personality. You can get one or more, or go ahead and get the whole set. This is a toy for all ages that someone had to invent.

Affordability: 8                    Luxury: 7

Available from Amazon

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