Mont Blanc Pilot Pen

For those who like the feel of writing with rollerballs, you don’t have to buy a $300 Mont Blanc rollerball pen to write with MB ink and an MB roller. Several years ago, someone found out that Mont Blanc rollerball refills (somewhat pricey in their own right at about $12 for a pack of two) very nearly fit in the Pilot G-2 Pro pens that you can buy anywhere for about $5. The MB refills are just slightly too long, but they are easily modified by cutting a little bit of the plastic off the top (Mont Blanc helpfully provides a ridge on the plastic at the exact right point). Open up the Pilot, stick in the shortened refill and you’re good to go. Much less snob appeal, no white star on the end; but you won’t worry about losing it.

Affordability: 9                                Luxury: 6

Available from Amazon – Pilot pens here and Mont Blanc refills here.

Want more luxury? Buy a real Mont Blanc. But try not to lose it.

Affordability: 2                                Luxury: 9

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