Wet Shaving Brush

As I have posted before, wet shaving with a brush is what affordable luxury is all about: cheap blades, very hot water and your choice of soap or cream. Hot water is basically pretty much free and the same everywhere and the soap or cream can range from drugstore cheap to stuff you get from Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus. It’s the shaving brush that makes it wet shaving. Dip it in the very hot water, let it drip off and then swirl it around the shaving cream, brush the lather onto your face and scrape it off with something very, very sharp. Sounds simple, but that’s it really all there is to it. You can start with a nice, inexpensive Tweezerman or even a boar brush from the drugstore (but badger is better). If you like it a whole lot, you can be like the Duke of Edinburgh and use the Kent that bears his Royal Warrant.

Affordability: 9 (or less)    Luxury: 7 (or more)

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