Home Theater Video Projector

Hook up a DLP or LCD video projector to a DVD or Blu-ray player or even to your cable box and you can watch movies in your home theater that are at least four times as big as the biggest flat-screen TV. Back in the day when we had much bigger and heavier projectors at work for presentations and training, I was always tempted to take one home for movie night over the weekend. Now video projectors are lighter, smaller and brighter and if you get a refurbished one they are not too expensive. You can watch movies on a white wall or a sheet (eventually you will want a screen, but I will get to that in a future post), and it will add a whole new dimension. Life-size high definition sporting events are a lot of fun to see; it’s almost like being there. Look for a fairly high contrast ratio and XGA resolution, and if you get a used one, see how much life is left on the bulb, because replacement bulbs can be pricey.

Affordability: 6                  Luxury: 9

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