Air Hogs Havoc Heli

For better or worse, we are living in the Golden Age of inexpensive imported toys – so we might as well enjoy it. These very lightweight, tiny little foam R/C helicopters are just fun to play with, especially for adults. A great deal for $35. Younger children may lack the hand/eye coordination needed to keep from crashing, but they might like to just watch you play with them. They take about twenty minutes to charge, but they have a lot of power right after that. You have to be careful that you don’t just send it flying straight up to crash into the ceiling. They are surprisingly hard to break, considering how light they are, but it’s a good idea not to keep crashing them or letting the rotors spin helplessly around on the floor. It’s so gratifying to keep practicing, you can almost convince yourself that it’s a useful skill. It’s not.

Affordability: 9                  Luxury: 8

Available from Amazon

Want more luxury? Like many other hobbies, you can take it to whatever level you want, if it turns out to be something you really like to do. Next step up is probably the Hummingbird.

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