Feather DE Blades

If you have tried wet shaving, with very hot water, a shaving brush, shaving soap or cream and a double edge razor straight from the 1960s, then you might agree with me that it makes the morning shave a much more luxurious experience. Then, as with most good experiences, you tend to wonder how to maximize it. There are nearly an infinite variety of combinations of razor, soap, brush and blade, and none of them are that expensive, especially when compared to modern multi-bladed razors. The general consensus, however, is that the sharpest blades in the world are the Japanese Feathers, made by the surgical steel company. Aren’t razor blades supposed to be sharp? The Feathers also last for about a week, after which you stick them into the used blade holder on the plastic box. Treat them with respect and you will get the closest shave of your life.

Affordability: 8                    Luxury: 9

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Want more luxury? I never had much luck with Schick Injectors, but some people swear by them. The so-called “Featherjector” is the unholy marriage of a vintage Schick Injector with a cut-down Feather Pro Super disposable straight razor blade. You can play Sweeney Todd in your very own bathroom.

Affordability: 8                  Luxury: 8.5

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