The Rain Shower Head Pours Water the Way Nature Intended

In Costa Rica last year, we got lucky when we learned a friend of a friend had a high-rise luxury condo that was sitting empty the week we were there. It was fabulous in every way: a breathtaking view of the Tamarindo beach on one side and the mountains on the other, ocean breezes blowing straight through the rooms and generally ultra-high-end everything. Of course, we never wanted to leave. Sadly, one must work to vacation, so home we went, but ever since we have tried to import as much of the luxury of our experience as we can into our own home.

One of the simplest luxuries we discovered in our Tamarindo escape was the rain shower head.  Unlike the traditional shower head, or even the more sophisticated shower massager heads that have become so popular, the rain shower head has a larger surface area, typically either round or rectangular, that, just as its name suggests, gives you the feeling of standing under a rainfall each time you’re in the shower.  If you’ve ever had the innocent pleasure of showering in the rain (at camp, for example, or on vacation), you know that when you don’t mind standing in the rain, you can luxuriate in the sensation of water drenching your entire body at the same time, making it easier for you to shower from head to toe, or wash your hair, or just enjoy the feeling of the water covering you.  The rain shower head brings this experience to your bathroom.

Luxury Shower Head

The large, broad shower head covers you with water and keeps your whole body warm while you shower.  You can lather your whole head with shampoo at once, and then rinse it thoroughly without having to rotate your head in circles or taking the handheld shower head off of its hook.  As an added bonus, it generates a nice steamy bathroom (which we, having a shower over a big spa tub and, thus, no shower curtain, could not otherwise enjoy).  Like most shower heads, the rain shower head is easy to install — all you need is a single wrench (to take the old one off) and the ability to follow simple instructions.  All in all, for just a little bit of work, you can have a greatly improved shower experience without traveling all the way to Costa Rica (though you should go there, anyway).

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