Bahama Towel Chaise Covers Will Stay Put In The Summer Breezes

As Max has mentioned, the hottest summer on record (until next year, at least) is finally here, and that means it’s time to SWIM!!!  How I love the pool!  The mindlessly repetitive, vigorously relaxing laps; the sound of the water lapping at the pool’s edge; the exuberant shouts of “Marco . . . Polo!” from children finally sprung free from the encumbrance of their winter routine; the smell of expensive sunblock . . . .  Anyway, at some point you must get out of the pool, at least to take a rest, dry off, and catch up on that summer reading you’ve been planning for months.  Your towel on the chair, however, can be the bane of your poolside existence.  You spread it along the length of the chair and sit down, and no sooner have you reached page 15 of Freedom by Jonathan Franzen than your towel has slithered down behind your back, depriving your wet skin of the plush layer between it and the surface of that hot chair — or worse, flopped over your face, interrupting your compelling story.  If you were at, say, the Ritz-Carlton, you would not have this problem; the Ritz has chaise towels with a pocket at one end.  Slip the pocket over the top of the chair, and voila!  No more floppy towel.  Sadly, you are not at the Ritz.  You are at your local swim or country club with your own beach towel — or the club’s — which likely does not have that pocket.  Now you can replicate that luxurious poolside experience at home, with the Bahama Towel Chaise Cover.  Just like at your favorite fancy resort, the Bahama Towel Chaise Cover has a pocket at one end to slide over the top of your chair, keeping the towel in place, and even better, it has a side pocket that hangs at arm’s length for your sunglasses/book/lotion/other favorite sunbathing supply. They’re plush, and they’re inexpensive, too:  while the Ritz-Carlton, which sells theirs, offers the towels for upwards of $40, you can get your very own Bahama Towel for about $23.  Max, who cares not much at all about things like beach towels, wanted one as soon as he saw it; your family will, too.

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