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Kuhn Rikon Spill Stop Made In Europe For Your Pots

The Kuhn Rikon Spill Stop is imported from Europe, and it does a great job of preventing pots from boiling over on the stove. Continue reading

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Nordstrom Is My Favorite Department Store … and Here’s Why

Nordstrom is the best department store there is, known everywhere for their polite salespeople, amazing customer service, wide selection and tasteful decor. Continue reading

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Ten Most “Luxurious” Things About Christmas

The best things about Christmas are food, presents, lights, music, parties, holiday movies and the Christmas spirit. Continue reading

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Is Expensive Lingerie Worth It?

Lingerie from France and Italy is well worth the price premium over other kinds. Continue reading

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Ten Most “Luxurious” Things About Thanksgiving

I live in the Northeastern United States for a reason:  I love the seasons (and I’m holding onto them as long as climate change will let me).  I especially love autumn, though — the colorful leaves, the comfort food, the … Continue reading

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Bogue Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Does a Professional Job and Costs About $25

It started to look like we had an awful lot of jewelry that needed cleaning, and glasses; real glasses, cheap reading glasses and cheap sunglasses. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners seem to be so cheap online (and get such good buyer reviews) … Continue reading

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Logitech Squeezebox Radio Is THE 21st Century Clock Radio

Once upon a time, way back in the prehistoric days of the 20th century, the recently discontinued Sony Dream Machine was the alarm clock/radio for the quality-obsessed. It offered fairly good sound for a clock radio, it allowed you to … Continue reading

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Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 is #1 for the Best Winter Lip Maintenance

That chill in the air means it’s time to snuggle.  Yay, snuggling. Hot cocoa, warm sweaters, crunchy leaves, watching football on the couch, all while huddled up with Honey.  Of course you’ll want your lips to be kissably soft for … Continue reading

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Hunter Wellington Boots Actually Keep Your Feet Dry

Hunter Wellington boots are stylish and you can really wear them in the wet and they will well and truly keep your feet dry. The Queen of England wears them, but you can afford them, too. Continue reading

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Bahama Towel Chaise Covers Will Stay Put In The Summer Breezes

As Max has mentioned, the hottest summer on record (until next year, at least) is finally here, and that means it’s time to SWIM!!!  How I love the pool!  The mindlessly repetitive, vigorously relaxing laps; the sound of the water … Continue reading

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