The Toro Tissue Ring Will Reduce the Cardboard In Your Life

I admit, I did not wake up one day and decide that I didn’t want to look at tissue boxes anymore, but the Toro tissue ring is a clean, elegant design for an object to use in the bathroom, bedroom or wherever you would keep a “box” of tissues. If you saw it on the ground or received it as a gift, you would want to keep it just for its looks. Then you buy the tissues in the usual rectangular cardboard box, open it from the side and take the tissues out and put the Toro on top. Not hard at all, just like taking anything you buy out of the box before you use it. Toro ring to hold down tissues

The weight of the ring holds down the tissues, you pull up one at a time and the next one is ready to use. The concept works well. But is it worth the $20, even if you don’t mind the looks of the tissue box you have?

It might be, for two reasons. First, it works just as well when you get down to the very last two tissues. The tissues don’t get too far down to reach and separate the way they do in a large box. Second, you can see exactly how many are left. The pile gets smaller and smaller, so you know you will need more tissues soon.

The minimalist design works for me; somehow the bathroom always wants to look cluttered, so getting rid of the tissue box makes the bathroom shelf look like it just has less stuff on it. If you really decide to go for the cardboard-free bathroom, add some Scott tube-free toilet paper to your shopping list (also minimalist, spins much more quietly on the holder and hangs on miraculously until the last, glueless square) and you’ll have the complete set. The TP will save landfill space that would be devoted to the cardboard tubes. If you’re into Goth decor or trendy Japanese products, you could also put the ring on black tissues.

The Toro ring is designed by Scott Christensen, a real industrial designer, so you can support the idea by getting it from his Web site.

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