Velcro Cable Ties

You buy a new AC powered something or other, a power tool or an electronic gadget with a wall charger, and it looks beautiful and organized as it nestles brand new in the box. You can’t wait to take it out and start to use it; after all, that’s why you bought it. You love it, you use it all the time – and get annoyed at the tangled AC cord. Or you wish it were still coiled up as neatly in the box as it was when it was held by the black twist tie that you threw out. OK, you didn’t have to throw out the twist tie, but the Velcro Cable Ties are so much better for keeping power cords organized. They come in a package of 100, for under 10 bucks, and they are velcro. You loop them around the wire near one end and pull it tight. It will stay there when you are using it, then you coil up the wire, loop the wrap around and secure it as only velcro can secure it. Or use the wire wrap when you are putting it wherever it will stay put, uncluttering your desk or workbench. At this point, I must have one for every wire or I’m a little stressed that it’s not there …

Affordability: 10                 Luxury: 7

Available from Amazon

Want more luxury? Maybe luxury is a little strong for wire ties, but the Radio Shack Multicolor Wire Wraps are bigger and stronger and come in packs of 5 different colors for $2.99.

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