Lumotec LED Bike Light

Most LED bicycle headlights do seem to have fairly long and complicated names, and I wanted everyone to know that this post is about LED bike lights generally. That title is a real mouthful, no doubt about it. LED bicycle light technology has come a long way since halogen bulbs first became available – if your ride was too long, the halogen bulb might very well use up the batteries in just that one ride. The days are getting steadily shorter and Daylight Savings Time ends in a few weeks, on November 7th. I wanted a bright LED light to use with my Dymotec 6 sidewall generator, and something that would not be too futuristic for my Raleigh 3 speed. After checking out all the many lights and all the information on Peter White’s excellent Web site, I went with the Lumotec IQ Cyo Plus. Lightweight, classic styling, very bright and easy to mount right on the front fork bolt. It meets the German standards and has a standlight: electronics that keep it lit for a few moments when you have to stop. It’s the same light that was mentioned in the Lovely Bicycles! blog last month. There are a lot of bike lights out there, but I like this one the best. Most of them all seem to cost the same amount, about $100.

Affordability: 6                    Luxury: 8

Want more luxury? The Supernova E3 Pro is pretty nice.

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