Brooks Bicycle Saddle

I had heard about the Brooks bicycle saddle; I had one on my old Peugeot. It’s clear to me now that the vintage Raleigh 3-speed from my earlier post is going to become a project. It has a small (19.5″) girl’s frame and a big plastic seat, as well as a few other details I need to upgrade. The first time I rode it, I couldn’t raise the seatpost high enough (too short), so I felt like I was riding a clown bicycle in the circus. Very uncomfortable. My local bicycle store said that a modern long seatpost would need a modern saddle to go with it, but their distributor was sold out of the Brooks bicycle saddle they recommended. Left to my own devices, I ordered the B67, the modern version of the old B66 saddle that was actually made by the Raleigh company. When it arrived, it was even more “luxurious” than I thought. Carefully packed in a beautifully printed box, it includes a wrench for adjusting and complete directions. It looks like it belongs on the old Raleigh and is much more comfortable than the old black mattress. You can get a Brooks saddle to fit any kind of bike. I just have to make sure I keep mine locked.

Affordability: 5                   Luxury: 8

Available from Amazon

Want more luxury? The Brooks Flyer Special with the hand-hammered copper rivets just looks so much better …

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