Swingline Chrome 747 Stapler

Swingline StaplerThe classic shiny Swingline is an object that you just have to love, and they are discounted to around $15. The heavy metal construction, the beautiful finish and the retro design combine to make it well worth the space it takes up. Mine always reminds me of a tiny vintage 1930s Airstream trailer parked on my desk. As an added attraction, it’s a great stapler – solid, dependable (virtually jamproof) and rated to shoot through 20 sheets, although it can do more than that. The real limiting factor is just the length of the staples, not the power of the stapler. It holds 210 staples and has a nice long overhang for reaching down on the page. Since the 1999 movie “Office Space,” Swingline has brought back the red 747 to resemble the one in the film; you can also get them in beige or black, but I like the timeless beauty of the chrome one.

Luxury: 6        Affordability: 9

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Want more luxury? The Spanish made El Casco line is the Rolls-Royce of office supplies. The former gunmaker makes staplers (and pencil sharpeners, etc.) to die for, at a price to die for. Try their $123 black and chrome stapler, also available in 23 carat gold.

Luxury: 9        Affordability: 2

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