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If you’ve been following Affordable Luxury, you’ll remember those darling Roger Vivier Coco flats I told you about a few months ago.  If you’re like me, though, and even some flats become uncomfortable after a long day of otherwise effortless chic-ness, you may have found that the elastic that holds those cute little shoes onto your dainty ankles may have become, well, painful.  Worry not, glamour girls; help is just a quick trip away.  Get thee to the uber-fabulous 8th floor shoe salon, 10022-SHOE, at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store, 611 Fifth Avenue (at 50th) in Manhattan, where behind the drapes in the center of the salon are the very accommodating shoe repair staff.  Those lovely people will not even ask whether you bought your shoes at their store.  Instead they will — unflinchingly — take your adorable shoes, ask you “how much stretch” you want (by which they mean, “how long should we stretch them?  a half hour?  overnight?  until next Tuesday?”), and trot them back to be adjusted to your specifications.  When you return at the appointed time to retrieve them, your shoes will be stretched, they will be comfortable, and you will love them all over again.  You will ask the lovely people, “How much do I owe?” and they will smile, shake their heads, and send you on your glamorous way, knowing that you now love Saks almost as much as you love your shoes . . .
Saks Fifth Avenue
611 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY
Once your shoes are again both fabulous and  comfortable, you speed ahead to adjusting those other Christmas gifts you bought — like Max’s luxurious new corduroys, the ones you bought in his waist size and had altered to his inseam because Max hasn’t gained a pound in years, and his size is as reliable as Verizon Wireless cell service . . . but not this year.   This  year either Max has secretly gained a pound or two and, it seems, has shrunk 3 inches, or else size marking just isn’t what it used to be.  No matter:  you bought those pants at Nordstrom (because Nordstrom is just too lovely a place not to shop there, especially at Christmas), and when you take back those pre-altered pants, and you honestly, earnestly explain to the kind salesman that you already had them altered because Max always  wears that size, the salesman will not tell you you are out of luck.  He will say, “Let us find a new pair in the proper waist size, and have them altered appropriately.  And now they’re on sale, so let us give you a credit for the difference.”  When you express astonishment at his extraordinary kindness, he will say, “People don’t realize how much power we have, and you are very nice.”  You will be gleeful, because Max’s pants will fit (and those new alterations will be ready on time), and you will have been treated like royalty, all for the sale price of one luxurious pair of corduroys and a very pretty   smile.
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