Swiss Army Knife CyberTool

The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife CyberTool is handy for two reasons: it has tools that you won’t have anywhere else around the house (the Torx drivers) as well as high quality, conveniently sized tools that will be right at your fingertips (the bottle opener, scissors, etc.). Available in your choice of black, blue or traditional Swiss Army knife red, you also have to decide whether you want the 29, the 34 or the 41. I like the 34; it has the scissors and pliers that the 29 lacks. The 41 has a saw that you could use to cut down trees and a file that I can live without. The Torx bits are handy for opening electronic devices (like TiVos) that you don’t mind voiding the warranty on (a post for another day, I think). All in all, handy for repairing all sorts of things, like glasses. Plus it’s a knife, two knives actually, so remember to leave it out of your carry-on bag.

Affordability: 5                    Luxury: 8

Available from Amazon

Want more luxury? Well, there’s always this, but I wonder if they’re serious …

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