Dualit Lite 2-Slice Toaster

When my toaster oven finally came to the end of its service life, I looked around for a replacement. I decided that since I already had an oven, I would try getting a dedicated toaster. The cheap ones at K-Mart were so very cheap-looking that they weren’t worth buying. The Dualit Lite 2-slice toaster, produced by the toast-loving British, is something else entirely. It has a beautiful, timeless design and it’s fully functional, too. It has pop-up lever you can manually raise up to get a grip on the English muffin, wide slots, an easily removable crumb tray, a bagel setting, a frozen setting, and of course, a frozen bagel setting. It is screwed together and replacement parts are available, so you can count on keeping it forever; you will get you money’s worth out of your $79.99 investment. Overall, it’s an easy way to add some luxury to your routine every morning.

Luxury: 7                            Affordability: 6

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Want more luxury? Although believe it or not, there are some very expensive toasters out there (mostly designed for restaurant use), if cost were no object I would want the 4-slice Dualit toaster for $320. It would look right at home on the kitchen counter at Buckingham Palace, but I don’t usually need to do 4 slices at a time.

Luxury: 9                             Affordability: 3

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